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Challenging Conventional Investment Models – Getting You To Retirement in 10 Years

I’m excited to announce a partnership with 10Y, a real estate investment firm whose approach challenges traditional investing methods with one simple goal… Your retirement in 10 years.

Through a one-time investment and simple execution, the 10Y methodology delivers exponential returns that dwarf the traditional cash flow investment models.  Please watch the webinar, and if you would like to commit to the investment, CLICK HERE.

The 10Y Methodology

10Y is a real estate investing methodology designed to take most investors to retirement in a span of ten years off one investment.

How It works

10 Y is a roadmap to retirement.  It uses the Multifamily Real Estate Asset Class to design a risk-adjusted, exponential growth plan for rapid wealth multiplication.  The roadmap can achieve retirement in approximately 10 years.  Of course, results depend on the starting magnitude of the funds invested and how big your retirement goals are.  For most of our clients, a 10-year plan can provide for a sufficient retirement outcome. Interesting in investing, click the link below.

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The Power of Exponentiality

32 x wealth multiplication in 10 years versus the traditional BRRRR model.  Join our webinar hosted by David McIlwaine of MAC Assets, and founder of 10Y, Bala Krishnan, to learn more.

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The SPonsor

  • Experienced team with track record in ground-up new construction, operating in the local market
  • Full 360 development experience in all aspects of a deal life cycle (land development, entitlement, construction, stabilization, operations, exit)
  • Sponsor has personally implemented and proven the “10Y” model (10 years to retirement with one investment)
  • Aligned sponsor fee structure (only fees are a flat entitlement fee and development fee…NO acquisition, asset management, financing or disposition fees!)

The Market

  • Fastest growing large city in the US for five consecutive years
  • 2nd fastest-growing population in the nation
  • Tempe and North Phoenix remain some of the most traded locales, and have seen more assets change hands than usual over the past 12 months. At the same time, rising activity in the rejuvenating Downtown Phoenix and South West Valley submarkets has resulted in these areas recording sales volume among the highest in the metro.
  • The average cap rate dipped roughly 40 basis points last year to 4.7 percent. Heightened buyer interest led to this compression, as per unit sales pricing in the metro nearly doubled from the end of 2017 to more than $205,000 per unit at the start of 2022.
Invest In Opportunity


  • Prime location with proximity to jobs (Many national large manufacturers and retailers, including Amazon, FedEx, UPS, Costco, Target have built manufacturing, logistics and distribution centers in the vicinity of the property)
  • Located in an Opportunity Zone = potential for huge tax savings
  • High demand: comparable deals in area with near 100% occupancy
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