Colm McEvilly: Investment Decision Making Processes Deliver

Dive into the inspiring journey of Colm McEvilly, a seasoned real estate sponsor and developer with a unique background in mechanical building systems and real estate finance. From his early years working alongside his father in the mechanical plumbing business, Colm’s trajectory in real estate development was set. Join us in this compelling episode as we unravel the story of a resilient individual who, despite being born with congenital heart defects, has not only overcome numerous open heart surgeries but also found a profound purpose in giving back to the medical community. Colm’s educational journey at California Polytechnic State University laid the foundation for his engineering expertise. After a successful career as a mechanical engineer specializing in HVAC systems, Colm transitioned into real estate, eventually building a portfolio of single-family rentals. However, his life took a dramatic turn at the age of 30 when he faced a heart valve failure. Following a successful TAVR procedure and recovery, Colm’s perspective shifted, leading him to exit the corporate world and join a dynamic syndication team.

In this episode, explore the transformative moments that shaped Colm’s outlook on life and work. Discover how his personal experiences with health challenges fueled his commitment to becoming a go-to resource for life-saving medical professionals in the real estate arena. Colm’s dedication to conservative underwriting, non-intrusive marketing, and treating others’ capital with utmost value will be unveiled as he played a pivotal role in helping raise $160M collectively from retail investors.

Join us for an illuminating conversation with Colm McEvilly, as we delve into the heart of his journey—from childhood endeavors in plumbing to a thriving career in real estate. Experience the resilience, passion, and purpose that define Colm’s narrative and gain valuable insights into the principles that guide his success in the ever-evolving landscape of real estate development.

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Show Highlights:

✅ Colm’s experience in the corporate world
✅ Successful investor decision-making process
✅ Good decision-making criteria
✅ Decade-old wisdom wish
✅ Worst advice ever received
✅ Life’s guiding axiom
✅ Reach out to Colm

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