Tait Duryea: Flying Free With Real Estate

In this episode, I speak with Tait Duryea, an experienced airline captain with over 12,000 flight hours transiting time zones and terminals, Tait Duryea understands the wants, needs, and lifestyle of the professional aviator.

However, if not for his love of flying and subsequent career path, it would most definitely have been real estate. Lucky for him, he’s been able to do both– accruing more than a decade of real estate investing experience since joining his major airline in 2010.

Duryea explains how this pilot leveraged his passion for flying to build a successful career while also pursuing his interest in passive real estate investing.
Through smart investment decisions and the power of passive income, he was able to create a lifestyle of financial freedom while still enjoying his work as a pilot.

This episode offers valuable insights for anyone interested in pursuing financial freedom through real estate investing while still loving their job and maintaining a fulfilling career.

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Show Highlights:

✅ His journey to real estate investing
✅ Break your golden handcuffs in the world of aviation
✅ Taxes benefits in investing in real estate
✅ Cost segregation
✅ Passive losses on passive income
✅ Advice for investors beginning don’t be scared to pull the trigger

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Website: www.turbinecap.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/taitduryea/







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