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MAC Assets was born in 2019 to help solve the disparity of wealth creation in the US. Most private placement equity in Real Estate has been limited to the highly wealthy and the connected. We see an opportunity to help others create passive income plus generational wealth by facilitating opportunities to invest in strategic multifamily assets. You don’t have to have millions of dollars to invest and realize the value of multifamily! In fact, you only need courage to take action.

Meet Our Founder

Founding Partner

David McIlwaine

David McIlwaine is a seasoned entrepreneur and successful executive with deep experience in business growth, scale and delivering results.

His real estate experience is vast--spanning over 20 years. Experience, knowledge and understanding have been gained firsthand by either currently owning or having owned multifamily units, commercial retail development, single family, vacation rental properties, second homes and custom builds. As the owner of Colorado Realty Experts he oversees a residential real estate brokerage serving the south Denver metropolitan area. His portfolio currently includes property in the southeast and mountain west.
David’s entrepreneurial experience spans a highly successful sales career in several areas including Real Estate, Marketing/Advertising, and IT Start-Ups. He has held C Level positions, led teams across the US to overperformance, raised capital, executed mergers, implemented improvements in operating systems, coached diverse constituencies, created and delivered strategic growth initiatives leading to successful outcomes.

David graduated from the University of Kansas with a BS in Journalism/ Advertising. His passions include being a parent, road cyclist, outdoors enthusiast, and learning. He gives back to his community in multiple ways including board service on non-profits near to his heart.

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Why Multifamily?


Cost segregation. Bonus Depreciation. These two federal programs mean significant tax advantages. More of your earned dollar stays your dollar, not the taxman’s. If you’re a passive investor it can eliminate your taxes on your investment, and if you’re a Real Estate professional, it can offset active income! The advantages are unique to every individual, so ask questions and consult your CPA.


Housing is a base need. Economies come and go. Disruptors force change. Housing will ALWAYS be needed. Affordably priced, working class housing has a growing demand. This asset class outperforms decade in, decade out. Your portfolio value doesn’t change in one day based on a rumor in the stock market or speculation trying to predict what today’s news means.


I.D.E.A.L. = 5 Letters delivering 5 key elements of unparalleled value. Multifamily provides returns 5 ways. Income. Depreciation. Equity. Appreciation. Leverage.

Steps for Financial Freedom Through Multifamily

Get educated

This is a big step to take.  It involves taking risks and knowing what you are doing! Spend time.  Ask questions.  Even the questions you are embarrassed to ask.  Don’t shy away from challenging statements.  Do your due diligence and feel confident.

Connect and get qualified.

After we speak and verify that passive investing is right for you, you’ll begin to receive syndication offerings in your inbox. Educate yourself, review opportunities, ask questions.

Pick & Fund your investment.

Once you find an asset and opportunity that suits your needs, you’ll need to conduct your own due diligence, review the offering with your attorney and/or CPA, and express interest to reserve a spot.

Receive returns.

Through your monthly updates and quarterly disbursements, you’ll be able to track the progress of your investment. We’ll keep in touch about the performance of the property, and you will always have an open line of communication with us. Rinse & Repeat with your earnings.

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