Charting Success in Real Estate with Kevin Romney’s Tax Strategies

Ever felt shackled by the golden handcuffs of a stable yet uninspiring career? Kevin Romney, co-founder of Camino Verde Group, joined me to recount his bold shift from the structured world of accounting to the entrepreneurial dance of real estate. His tale is one of liberation and legacy, taking cues from his self-employed father and now shaping a future where quality and affordability in housing are not mutually exclusive. We navigate through the essentials of building strategic partnerships and share the secrets of investing remotely with success—because even when your business crosses state lines, values and vision must remain in lockstep.

Property deals usually conjure images of cutthroat bidding wars, but not in the universe where Kevin Romney operates. Our latest episode peels back the curtain on how Camino Verde Group secures off-market gems and the financing sorcery that makes them sparkle. A Kentucky deal is examined under the spotlight, showcasing the prowess of nurturing relationships and the magic of owner financing. Meanwhile, the challenges of a market cooled by interest rate hikes serve as a backdrop to our discussion on conservative underwriting and the power of solid banking relationships. This is the insider’s guide to weathering financial storms and emerging with a robust real estate portfolio.

Finally, who says the tax man always needs to take a big bite? Kevin illuminates the path to tax-savvy real estate transactions, employing installment sales and contract creativity to keep more money in your pocket. But beyond the numbers lies the human element of mentorship in real estate—those seasoned guides who can illuminate the murky waters of complex deals. For those enticed by Camino Verde Group’s strategies, Kevin extends an olive branch. Reach out, and you might just find a collaborator eager to join you on a journey to sustainable success.

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