Episode 11: Jack Krupey Building Wealth Outside of Wall Street

In this episode, we welcome a true investment expert, Jack Krupey. Jack Krupey has invested in real estate and distressed debt since 2001. He has built long-term relationships with experienced real estate developers, sponsors, and syndicators over his 20+ year career. Jack leveraged the 2008 financial crisis as part of a private equity fund that yielded impressive returns from distressed and restructured debt. He repositioned properties as well as modified and restructured loans for borrowers. In 2014, Jack entered into a partnership with a large private equity fund and led the firm’s asset management arm, which made over 3 billion dollars in purchases of non-performing and re-performing mortgage debt between 2015 and 2019. Jack, an entrepreneur by nature, decided to start JK Asset Management to focus on alternative assets such as value-add multifamily real estate. He then launched the JKAM Diversified Real Estate Fund in September 2020 and is launching a 2nd Diversified Fund in 2022. Jack delves into reinventing yourself in this episode, shares effective tax strategies, explains the REITs purchase model and describes ways to make a margin. Furthermore, he shares how to break your golden handcuffs into tools.

Episode 10: ICAN to 1,000 Doors with Shawn Wagner

How much do you know about successful entrepreneurship and real estate? Then watch our new episode with Shawn Wagner.
Shawn Wagner is a successful entrepreneur and real estate professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He has held various roles including Broker, Consultant, Property Manager, Analyst, and Partner. Shawn has served as the Director of the Grand View University Real Estate program and continues to teach as an adjunct today. Apart from his work in real estate, is involved in several IT ventures and brings technology vision and process into the industry, whether it be related to Web3, Crypto, or NFT.

Episode 09: Tony Munoz Attacking Life with Real Estate

Real estate investments can be passed down to future generations, providing a lasting legacy for investors and their families. In this episode we talk with Tony Munoz.

Tony Munoz is a serial entrepreneur, president, and founder of the Inward/Outward Project. He has extensive experience building businesses from the ground up and working for corporate firms where he has led large commercial sales teams. Tony has been a successful real estate investor for over a decade, utilizing both buy-and-hold and fix-and-flip strategies. He looks at wholesale real estate through a unique lens, treating distressed situations holistically instead of viewing them as real estate transactions. Tony earned his Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and is a graduate of the University of Miami, where he earned his MBA, and Brown University, where he earned a Master’s in Organizational Change and Leadership. Tony is passionate about fitness when he is not working and has completed multiple Ironman competitions and ultramarathons.

Episode 08: Tax Strategy Plus Delayed Gratification Results with Courtney Moeller

Want to learn more about effective tax strategies and alternative investments? Then watch our new episode with Courtney Moeller.

Courtney Moeller is an Amazon #1 best-selling author, US Navy Veteran, international speaker, entrepreneur and blockchain expert. She is the co-host of the vodcast, Ladies Kickin Assets, which empowers listeners by providing the financial education they need to live the lives they want. Her ventures include investments in oil and gas, carbon capture, real estate, Bitcoin mining and blockchain technologies. As a general partner of EMPR Investment group and Bitcoin Mining Womxn, she helps professionals with tax problems retain more of their hard-earned money and create new income streams.

Episode 07: Lessons Learned the Hard Way with Jason Wright

In this episode, I speak with Jason Wright, the founder of Intentionally Inspirational. The digital agency that offers sales funnel strategy and architecture to real estate investors and entrepreneurs. We delve into crucial topics such as the value of planning for your future and what are some of the methods of planning. In addition, we discuss such issues as stimulation and goal setting and why teaching children to be financially competent is vital.

Episode 06: Why I quit buying Companies and buy Multifamily with James Livingstone

Population growth and demographic shifts have increased the demand for multifamily properties, making them a lucrative investment option.

With over 25 years of finance and investment experience James has built expertise in private equity and real-estate investment. As a corporate finance partner with a mid sized accounting firm, James worked with hundreds of businesses assisting with M&A, finance and growth problems from business planning to HR.

Episode 05: Opportunity Zones, Tax Policy & How to Win with Taxes with Stewart Heath

Are you feeling the heat after tax season and looking for a way to lessen your tax burden?

In this episode, Stewart Heath, a 35+ year CPA and tax strategist, explores the topic of opportunity zones and tax policy and how individuals and businesses can benefit from them.

Episode 04: What is a customizable Fund of Funds? with Jeff GreenbergDuryea

Are you curious about Fund of Funds investment strategies?

Jeff Greenberg, CEO of Synergetic Investment Group, sheds light on the customizable Fund of Funds approach in this episode.
Rather than investing directly in individual securities, a Fund of Funds pools together capital from multiple investors to invest in other funds. 

Episode 03: From Dunkin Donuts to Real Estate Entrepreneur Duryea

In today’s competitive job market, many people start out working in entry-level positions in the service industry. But what if I told you that you could leverage that experience and turn it into a successful career as an entrepreneur?
In this episode, we explore the inspiring story of Mark Updegraff, a former Dunkin Donuts employee who became a real estate entrepreneur.

Episode 02: Flying Free with Passive Real Estate featuring Tait Duryea

In this episode, I speak with Tait Duryea, an experienced airline captain with over 12,000 flight hours transiting time zones and terminals, Tait Duryea understands the wants, needs, and lifestyle of the professional aviator.

However, if not for his love of flying and subsequent career path, it would most definitely have been real estate. Lucky for him, he’s been able to do both– accruing more than a decade of real estate investing experience since joining his major airline in 2010.

Episode 01: How The Top 1% Invest with Sam Bates

The idea of achieving financial success and building wealth is often associated with the top 1% of earners. In this episode, Sam Bates, the founder, and CEO of Bates Capital Group, shares valuable insights into the investment strategies of the wealthiest people in the world. Sam started his real estate journey in 2009 and has been directly involved in the acquisition or development, repositioning, disposition, asset management, and strategic planning of over $200,000,000 in AUM.

Sam delves into the asset classes that the top 1% invest in and the risk management techniques they use to protect their wealth. He also emphasizes the importance of long-term investment planning, diversification, and discipline when it comes to investing.