EP 50: Yonah Weiss: Go Giving Yields Tax Savings

Unlock the secrets of cost segregation in real estate as we converse with acclaimed expert and seasoned investor, Yonah Weiss. Imagine the potential of reducing your income tax to almost zero, all while increasing your cash flow. It may sound too good to be true, but Yona gives us the inside scoop on how this advanced form of depreciation works. By dissecting a property into its individual components and front-loading deductions, cost segregation has the power to revolutionize your investment strategy. We unpack this complex topic, using the everyday analogy of buckets to explain the different categories of depreciation.

Our esteemed guest, a former educator who embraced the world of real estate, takes us on his transformative journey, shedding light on the concept of ‘golden handcuffs’. You’ll discover how he harnessed the power of social media not just for self-promotion, but to build a thriving community. We delve into his ‘go-giver’ mentality and how connecting people can bring its own rewards. This episode isn’t just about understanding cost segregation; it’s about embracing the art of building relationships, contributing to the community, and taking control of one’s financial path. Yona’s story serves as a potent reminder that even in a field as numbers-focused as real estate, it’s the human element that truly makes a difference.

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