Jack Krupey: Wealth Outside of Wall Street

In this episode, we welcome a true investment expert, Jack Krupey. Jack Krupey has invested in real estate and distressed debt since 2001.


He has built long-term relationships with experienced real estate developers, sponsors, and syndicators over his 20+ year career. Jack leveraged the 2008 financial crisis as part of a private equity fund that yielded impressive returns from distressed and restructured debt. He repositioned properties as well as modified and restructured loans for borrowers. In 2014, He entered into a partnership with a large private equity fund and led the firm’s asset management arm, which made over 3 billion dollars in purchases of non-performing and re-performing mortgage debt between 2015 and 2019.

Jack, an entrepreneur by nature, decided to start JK Asset Management to focus on alternative assets such as value-add multifamily real estate. Then he launched the JKAM Diversified Real Estate Fund in September 2020 and is launching a 2nd Diversified Fund in 2022. As he delves into reinventing yourself in this episode, Jack shares effective tax strategies, explains the REITs purchase model and describes ways to make a margin. Furthermore, he shares how to break your golden handcuffs into tools.

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Show Highlights:

✅ Jack’s journey into investing
✅ The process of reinventing yourself
✅ Tax strategies
✅ REITs purchase model
✅ Ways to make margin
✅ Breaking golden handcuffs into tools
✅ Best advice you wish you had a decade ago
✅ The worst advice you have received in your life
✅ Motivational quote or axiom for life
✅ Ways to contact Jack

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Website: https://jkaminvestments.com






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