James: Livingston: Why I quit buying Companies

Population growth and demographic shifts have increased the demand for multifamily properties, making them a lucrative investment option.

With over 25 years of finance and investment experience James has built expertise in private equity and real-estate investment.

As a corporate finance partner with a mid sized accounting firm, James worked with hundreds of businesses assisting with M&A, finance and growth problems from business planning to HR.

James’ entrepreneurial spirit lead him to launch his first investment company which purchased 18 companies and multiple industrial properties. In addition, he founded a second private equity fund where he purchased 4 businesses.

Today, James focuses on real-estate investing through Pender Hastings Capital and developing motivated investors through Pender Hastings Partners. While, business is a major pursuit in his life he also spends time with his family. His hobbies have narrowed in recent years to travel, fitness and healthy living

In this episode of the podcast, James shares his inspiring journey into the world of real estate, from his early days to his eventual success in the industry. Along the way, he discusses the importance of healthy living and how it has helped him achieve balance and focus in his professional and personal life. He also offers valuable insights into how he broke free from the constraints of golden handcuffs, and scaled his business to new heights of success.

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Show Highlights:

✅ James’s journey into real estate

✅ Healthy living

✅ Way to golden handcuff freedom

✅ Business scaling

✅ Way to Awareness

✅ Influence of demography

✅ Migration trends

✅ Best advice

✅ Motivational quote


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