Courtney Moeller: Tax Strategy & Delayed Gratification

Want to learn more about effective tax strategies and alternative investments? Then watch our new episode with Courtney Moeller.

Courtney Moeller is an Amazon #1 best-selling author, US Navy Veteran, international speaker, entrepreneur and blockchain expert. She is the co-host of the vodcast, Ladies Kickin Assets, which empowers listeners by providing the financial education they need to live the lives they want. Her ventures include investments in oil and gas, carbon capture, real estate, Bitcoin mining and blockchain technologies.

As a general partner of EMPR Investment group and Bitcoin Mining Womxn, she helps professionals with tax problems retain more of their hard-earned money and create new income streams. Courtney is also the CEO of Invest on Main, the real estate and alternative asset marketplace of the future! This platform will allow real assets like multifamily apartments, self-storage and other investment options to trade in small “shares or tokens” just like the stock market creating liquidity, accessibility and transparency.

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Show Highlights:

✅ Courtney’s journey into entrepreneurship
✅ Inspiration for listeners
✅ Corporate America Experience
✅ Freedom of decision making
✅ Bitcoin investment
✅ Tax strategies
✅ Best advice you wish you had a decade ago
✅ The worst advice you have received in your life
✅ Motivational quote or axiom for life
✅ Ways to connect Courtney

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