From Layoff to Leadership: Tom Conlon’s Journey to a Prosperous Business

Have you ever felt the sting of job loss, the kind that throws you into the deep end, forcing you to swim or sink? That’s exactly where Tom Conlon, founder of North Street, found himself, and it’s where our conversation begins. We navigate Tom’s inspiring leap from sudden unemployment to the helm of his own thriving business, dissecting the essence of adaptability and the power of self-agency. Along the way, we share the raw truths of entrepreneurship—things like the need to be a rainmaker and the critical nature of networking and sales—a reality often overshadowed by the passion of the work itself. This candid discussion isn’t just about the struggle; it’s a treasure trove of insights on how to turn professional lemons into a zesty lemonade stand of your own making.

When was the last time you revisited your business’s communication strategy? If you can’t recall, you’re in luck, because we’re tackling this very subject in depth. Tom pulls back the curtain on my transition from website designer to business owner, while I weigh in with  real estate expertise, underlining the imperative of keeping your outreach fresh and customer-focused.

We’re not just talking theory here—we’re offering up actionable strategies to streamline your operations, delegate like a pro, and play to your unique strengths. By the end of this dialogue, you’ll have the tools to ensure your communication stands out in a crowded market and connects deeply with your clients’ needs. Tune in for a masterclass in shaping a business that not only survives but thrives.

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