From Water Polo Pro to Real Estate Tycoon: Igor Shaltunov’s Story

Get ready for a captivating tale of resilience, determination, and success as we chat with Igor Shaltunov. This man has done it all – from a professional water polo player in Russia to a soldier, lawyer, and now a successful entrepreneur in the United States, Igor has a penchant for overcoming obstacles and achieving greatness. Join us as we walk through his journey and discover his insights into the financial challenges faced by professional athletes, the importance of financial literacy, and his transition into the world of real estate.

Igor paints a vivid picture of the ‘golden handcuffs’ that many professional athletes find themselves in. He shares his personal experience of going from wealth to potential bankruptcy post-retirement and stresses the need for athletes to understand finance management. The effect of a fluctuating sports career on family life is also part of our discussion, emphasizing the importance of having the right people around to help manage finances. You wouldn’t want to miss Igor’s candid insights and invaluable advice!

Delving deeper, Igor takes us through his transition from sports to real estate and the founding of his firm, VestaFund. We get to hear about his initial experiences with real estate in Russia and how he decided to invest in this sector. He talks about his journey of overcoming financial illiteracy, learning from mistakes, and reaping the rewards of sound advice. With a firm belief in the power of mindset and questioning the status quo, Igor’s inspirational story is a testament to his dedication and hard work. Tune in to learn about his company, VestaFund, and how it is making waves in the world of real estate. This episode is not only full of life lessons, but also packed with amusing anecdotes and unique experiences!


0:02    Russian Athlete’s Transition to Real Estate

7:54    Financial Challenges for Professional Athletes

15:33    Overcoming Financial Illiteracy, Investing in Real Estate

26:12   Following Advice and Learning From Mistakes

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