Joanna Garzilli: Investing Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Embark on an insightful episode with Joanna Garzilli, the esteemed host of the Looking Glass podcast and an award-winning author renowned for her books “Big Miracles: 11 Spiritual Rules for Success” and “Unleash The Psychic In You: How To Trust Your Intuition for Success,” published by Harper Collins. Joanna’s impact as a life coach extends to high-profile clients, including celebrities such as Monica Lewinsky, Goldie Hawn, and Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Ernie Banks. Her expertise has garnered national and international media recognition, with features on Hallmark’s “Home and Family,” the Washington Post, BBC News, NPR, Fox News, and more.

Joanna’s professional journey also encompasses a pivotal communications and marketing role at a trust company, contributing to the growth of its assets from $500 million to $1.5 billion. Currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband Nick and son Dominic, Joanna Garzilli brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the table.

Join us as we delve into Joanna’s captivating story, exploring the intersection of spirituality, success, and the profound impact of intuitive guidance in both personal and professional realms.

Show Highlights:

✅ Joanna’s Unique Perspective on Golden Handcuffs

✅ Navigating the Transition from Corporate to Entrepreneurship

✅ Unveiling Spiritual Rules for Success with Joanna

✅ Balancing Due Diligence in Professional Ventures

✅ Joanna’s Reflection on a Decade-Old Wisdom Wish

✅ How to Reach Out to Joanna for Further Guidance

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