John Laine: Take Your $ Off the TABLE!

Join us as we dive into the inspiring life of John Laine, an individual who overcame significant challenges and emerged stronger than ever. From a humble background and facing foreclosure at a young age, John embarked on a real estate journey that transformed his life.

Diagnosed with a brain tumor in his early thirties, John turned to real estate investing as a means to cover his medical expenses. Despite setbacks and experiencing foreclosure again, he channeled his energy into helping others facing similar challenges. With innovative methods, John assisted numerous families in dire situations, allowing them to retain their homes, equity, and financial security.

Adapting to market shifts, John focused on purchasing Single Family Residences (SFR) in strategic locations, completing over 500 transactions and showcasing his resilience. However, a major setback occurred when the closure of Lehman Brothers drastically altered his circumstances during a significant project.

Despite the hardship, John showed remarkable integrity by repaying his creditors without filing for bankruptcy. Battling mental health issues for over a decade, he found solace in backpacking, hiking, therapy, and medication, rebuilding his life and regaining stability.

Now, John has reignited his passion for Commercial Real Estate Investing, leading a revolution under the banner of “Own Your A$$ets.” His teachings revolve around a real estate strategy that guarantees 100% risk-free ownership, offering individuals a safe haven for investment and protection against foreclosure.

With a focus on zero leverage and 10% Cash on Cash returns, John’s approach allows investors to navigate challenges, benefit from appreciation, and experience Stepped-Up Depreciation. Join him on this exciting journey and unlock the potential of BYOB (Be Your Own Bank) in real estate.

With his friendly demeanor and dedication to empowering others, John is building a real estate syndication group that embodies these principles. Embrace John’s approach, confidently navigate the market, and find peace of mind knowing your investments are entirely secure.

Join John Laine as he redefines real estate investing, creating a future where financial stability, growth, and personal empowerment converge.


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Show Highlights:

✅ John’s journey into real estate

✅ Process of breaking golden handcuffs

✅ Turning golden handcuffs into tools

✅ Leveraging the strengths of others

✅ Best advice you wish you had a decade ago

✅ Ways to contact John


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