Satch Bernhardt: 4 Lessons from being a Pilot

Join us for this episode where we explore Satch’s extraordinary journey from an airline pilot to a shrewd real estate investor. Witness how the pandemic unexpectedly redirected his career path, leading him to construct a flourishing real estate empire. Discover his transition from house flipping to establishing a private equity firm specializing in multifamily apartment complexes.

Drawing from his own firsthand experiences of the instability in airline careers, Satch is passionately dedicated to equipping fellow pilots with the tools to attain financial security through real estate investments. Tune in to learn about his remarkable $77 million, 350-unit project as a Co-General Partner, along with his investments totaling $148 million, comprising 726 doors as a Limited Partner. This episode brims with priceless insights and practical advice for anyone seeking to reach greater heights in the realm of real estate.

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Show Highlights:

Satch’s journey into real estate
Reasons to ask questions
Relationship between the airline and the pilot
Lessons learned as a pilot and investor
Best advice you wish you had a decade ago
The worst advice you have received in your life
Motivational quote or axiom for life
Ways to contact Satch

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