Scaling Success: CTC Capital’s Innovations in Co-GP Real Estate Investments

Unlock the secrets to scaling your real estate endeavors as we sit down with the masterminds from CTC Capital Management—Joe Harriman, Mark Pertell, and Preston Hartzell. In our latest episode, these industry pioneers reveal their co-GP investment model, a game-changer for operators eager to expand beyond traditional financial constraints. Delving into the strengths of the mid-market, they lay out how their approach not only bolsters operators with essential capital and balance sheet support but also maximizes investor returns. You’ll gain an insider’s perspective on navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities in affordable multifamily properties, all while ensuring sustainable living conditions and lucrative investor outcomes.

Our conversation transitions to the art of sponsor selection, as rising interest rates reshape the real estate playbook. We discuss the necessity of aligning debt strategies with project timelines and the critical role of historical performance in the vetting process. The CTC trio stresses the importance of the human element in forging long-lasting partnerships. Beyond the numbers and contracts, get to know the personalities behind the portfolios. From mountaintop hikes to family life and sports, our guests share slices of their lives, offering a glimpse of the individuals behind the investment strategies. Tune in for a genuine, insightful look at the future of real estate investment.


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