Seizing Financial Independence in the Aftermath of Divorce

When the dust of a divorce settles, the path to financial stability can seem shrouded in fog. Brianna Besky, a seasoned divorce financial advisor, joins us to illuminate that path with her blend of expert advice and personal insight, drawn from her own family’s experiences. Together, we tackle the stigmas and uncover the strategic planning necessary to turn what appears to be an end into a new beginning. Our discussion ventures into the world of Second Saturday workshops and the instrumental knowledge they offer for those facing the seismic shifts of divorce.

Navigating the emotional aftermath of a relationship’s close, the conversation shifts to the financial rebirth that awaits. I open up about my own brush with these hardships, underscoring the power of community and mindset in reinventing one’s fiscal future. We delve into the importance of financial planning, exploring tools like 529 plans, and confront the challenges that arise when one partner’s financial acumen is less developed. It’s a candid look at how to seize control of your finances and construct a solid foundation for the wealth that lies ahead.

Throughout the episode, the spotlight shines on the value of specialized professionals in divorce proceedings. The expertise of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) is juxtaposed with that of a traditional Financial Advisor (FA), highlighting the nuanced skills required to navigate asset division and complex financial instruments such as QDROs. Brianna Besky, with her nationwide reach, stands as a beacon for those in need of guidance, regardless of location, and her contact details are:

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