Tim Little: Helping Vets Avoid the Landlord Trap

Join us for an exciting new episode as we embark on a journey into the world of Tim Little, the visionary founder and CEO of ZANA Investments. Tim’s story in the realm of real estate investment goes beyond financial success; it’s a heartwarming narrative of family bonds and unwavering dedication.

Based in the vibrant city of Tampa, ZANA Investments is named after Tim’s two beloved daughters, Zara and Lana. Tim’s mission revolves around assisting his fellow military veterans in maximizing their precious time while achieving competitive returns. In this episode, you’ll gain insights into how Tim creates opportunities for passive real estate investment, positively impacting lives and shaping futures along the way.

Discover the profound commitment and passion that propel Tim to new heights in this captivating episode. Join us to gain a comprehensive understanding of his mindset and strategic approaches, and seize the opportunity to be inspired by his remarkable tale of entrepreneurship and service.

Show Highlights:

✅ Tracing Tim’s Inspirational Journey to Real Estate Success

✅ Understanding the Importance of Risk Tolerance and Strategic Planning

✅ Exploring the Benefits of Passive Investing for Military Veterans

✅ Tim’s Reflection on a Decade-Old Wisdom Wish

✅ Navigating Through the Worst Advice Tim Has Ever Received

✅ Discovering Tim’s Guiding Axiom for Life

✅ How to Get in Touch with Tim for Further Guidance

🤝 Connect with our Guest:

Web: https://www.zanainvestments.com


✅ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCClmRrFQXGidRnneLdOpADA




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