Create Your Self Directed IRA in 5 Steps

A Self Directed IRA you control. You get to decide where your money goes instead of having your employer’s retirement administrator decide for you.

You can invest in cool things like real estate or art or gold or even your brother’s restaurant.


How does it work?


  1. Make a Decision to Do This.
  2. Choose your SDIRA Custodian. A custodian is the company that operates this for you to be in compliance with the IRS. There are a lot of options out there. Reach out for recommendations.
  3. Open Your Account Through Your Custodian. – Follow their process to learn more. Just ask and I’ll help you through it.
  4. Put Money in Your AccountThere’s a ton of ways to do this. One of the best is to do a roll over from a previous employer’s 401k or other account. Or you can make annual contributions and do it that way.
    (There are a ton of ways reach out and we can help you discuss the ways.)
  5. Make investments in Your SDIRA. – Once you’ve made a decision, you tell your custodian where to invest your money.

SDIRA – 5 steps